CBD Oil Treat PTSD

Can CBD Oil Treat PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is related to mental health concerns that are activated by a terrifying event; either observing it or feeling it. There are various symptoms of PTSD. It may include night terrors, severe flashbacks, and severe anxiety as well as any uncontrollable mishaps.

Some people go through short-term problems due to the occurrence of distressing events but with self-care and time, they start recovering. But if the situation is uncontrollable and lasts for months or years, then it might be possible you are suffering from PTSD.

Proper medication and treatment are necessary to deal with the severe symptoms of PTSD. PTSD can occur at any age due, to any people, of any culture or nationality. Those who are suffering from PTSD start avoiding the situation or any person that prompts them to the horrifying occurrences.

Traumatic Disorders may occur by individual investigation. A close friend or family member died or you were constantly assaulted.

Before diagnosis and proper treatment of PTSD, people may fight with problems like anxiety, depression, and sometimes extreme traumatic reminders.

However, it has been studied that CBD oil is beneficial to treat PTSD. PTSD is a common mental health problem that affects many Australians. The main requirement for PTSD is to get exposure to the horrifying event. Study shows that approximately 12% of the people discovered these events and developed this situation. Further, you will understand how CBD helps deal with PTSD.

Symptoms of PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has a consequential effect on day-to-day life. PTSD symptoms usually appear in the first month, but sometimes they take months or years to appear. Long periods are also a symptom of PTSD as they are less detectable.

PTSD has wide symptoms but normally falls into the below classification.

  • Re-experiencing– This is the most particular symptom of PTSD. This symptom is volunteered when a person has a horrifying event in terms of any phobia, flashbacks upsetting images, or some physical pain. Many people experience continuous negative thoughts about the tragedy and continuously ask a question to themselves about the mishappening or event.
  • Emotional numbing and escaping- Another important symptom of PTSD is to get rid of trying to avoid the traumatic event. In this, people try to avoid the situation or people that remind them of this trauma. A person may escape from everyone and stop doing the things they love.
  • Hyperarousal- As a result, people become more conscious and anxious and it’s hard for them to relax or cope. They frequently get threatened by the events. Hyperarousal leads to problems such as Irate explosion, irritability, problems with sleep, and difficulty concentrating.

PTSD includes plenty of various problems such as mental disorders like anxiety, kind of phobias, and sadness. Physical symptoms include headaches, stomach pain, or chest pain. Some people start harming themselves when they start drinking and using drugs too much. It also happens when work life or relationships are not properly managed.

How does CBD help with PTSD?

The cannabis plant produces many mixtures, but Cannabidiol is one of the operative mixtures. CBD can help control and minimize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in both consumable and relevant forms.

PTSD is defined as a strong mental health state that develops in people after encountering a traumatic event. Around 10-15% of people experience PTSD at some point in their lives. They face issues while sleeping and recreate the horrifying event in their mind, the same leads to anxiety and depression.

Plenty of treatments are available for PTSD, however by various studies, it has been proven that CBD can help people struggling with PTSD. Let’s discuss the study on PTSD and CBD, their pros and cons, forms, and other possible treatments. A Literature review in 2019 about synthetic cannabinoids and PTSD has found that CBD is a supportive treatment. Although, researchers are still working on various theories to get a clear image of the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil.

Also, it has been identified during research that the use of CBD just after a traumatic event might bring difficulty for the brain to regain memories and that can cause PTSD symptoms.

CBD interacts directly with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which regulates our immune system, memory, and other bodily functions.

ECB is an important tool that helps in the production of hormones connected to reproductive performance and reaction to trauma. Endocannabinoid cells work on cannabinoid receptors through the body and brain. EBD helps to lower anxiety levels and improves sleep and pain relief.

It has been clear during a 2016 study that EBD can reduce the symptoms of PTSD. It has been described above that EBD consists of CBD receptors, which results in relaxation in both memory and anxiety. These are the two factors which play a consequential role in PTSD.

The memory factor of PTSD has been briefly discussed in psychology. PTSD can be caused by a basic psychological disorder such as emotion and personality. To get attacked by traumatic events, memory plays a significant role in processing it. However, under the supervision of a therapist, people can process a therapy called aversive memory extinction. It might be possible that this therapy won’t work on many people as old memories of the horrifying event remain in their minds and that can activate PTSD symptoms like fear, depression, or any type of phobia.

The second most important factor of PTSD is Anxiety. It is a natural process where people feel stress and panic attacks. Anxiety can be diagnosed through medical, physiological, and behavioral changes that include nightmares, horrifying flashbacks, social separation, mood swings, and trust issues. Through various studies, the analyst has proved that CBD oil is a beneficial medication to cope with these factors.

It has been concluded from the above phrases that CBD is a strong treatment to deal with Post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD has a special compound that is EBD which helps to get relief from anxiety, fear, and depression. CBD is an effective therapy to control the adverse effects of PTSD.